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Private Spiritual Counseling and Life Coaching services to all people seeking change in their lives and or guidance. Our approach focuses on not just the issue at hand, but also focuses on the whole person, their spirit, and their complete emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing in order to promote optimal emotional health, balance, harmony, peace, and clarity within. No issue is ever too trivial or shameful to discuss. Any and all problems and issues are professionally and discretely welcomed.

I’m Dr. Pamela M. Bruns, a medium/spiritual counselor in the Buffalo, NY area. I have been blessed to be professionally serving spirit for the past 10 years via readings, spiritual counseling, life coaching, and facilitating church services.
Rev, Dr. Pamela M. Bruns

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Grounded. Rooted. Growing; Through Spirit

Spiritually Rooted provides not only life coaching and spiritual mentorship but the tools to aid through your spiritual journey.

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