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My name is Rev, Dr. Pamela M. Bruns

I’m Dr. Pamela M. Bruns, a medium/spiritual counselor in the Buffalo, NY area. I have been blessed to be professionally serving spirit for the past 10 years via readings, spiritual counseling, life coaching, and facilitating church services.

Spirit gives me access to information I learned in past lives, something I call “self-remembering,” which is tied my mediumship. My channeling works best when I am asked direct questions about life, from there I open the channel to spirit and hold communion. I literally just start talking and the answer shows up somewhere in that conversation.

Working with and serving spirit has been quite a journey for me; I didn’t even realize I had this gift until about ten years ago! I just thought I was blessed with potent luck, as I felt my path always led me where I needed to be.

I didn’t realize during all of those years that my intuition was guiding me. Sometimes I was even scared of my intuition; I wondered where it came from and what qualified me to have the otherwordly information I was given. I went through what I call a “super student” phase because of this uncertainty. I strove to learn as much as I could in a formal sense, eventually completing a BA in Communication and Psychology and an MS in Executive Leadership and Change. 

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to show you care and know how to show

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